2 identical UIATextFields (with same accessibility label), can only do sendKeys() to one of them

I’m trying to do sendKeys() to an email field, but from the Appium inspector I could see this email field appears twice:

And sendKeys() would only work when send to the 1st one. I’m trying to add accessibility label to that field by modify the .storyboard file, but every time, it will make changes to both of the UIATextFileds… anyone seeing the same problem? Thanks!

Can you attach the screenshot of Inspector or UIAutomateViewer with the field properties?

Hi UD,

Thank you very much for looking at my problem, here’s the screenshot: http://cl.ly/image/1Y2V3H2L0B0n

In that screenshot, you could see there are 2 UIATextField fields for the Email field, and they have the same accessibility labels…but only do sendKeys() to the first field would work.


when you highlight with element “booya” in your inspector, which element is highlighted?

I am thinking first one was your actual password field. IN that password field they might have embodies another text field as per your xpaths provided.

So better use your booya element to enter password. Let us know if you see any error message or you are not getting what you wanted?