Android N "No such file or directory" issues

On Android N, while trying to run appium, I get the below error:

[MJSONWP] Encountered internal error running command: Error: Error executing adbExec. Original error: Command ‘/Users/airwatch/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb -P 5037 -s ENU7N16612001044 shell ls /data/local/tmp/e9d285275257292ab520ae7fe5d98e01.apk’ exited with code 1{“stdout”:“”,“stderr”:“ls: /data/local/tmp/e9d285275257292ab520ae7fe5d98e01.apk: No such file or directory\n”,“code”:1}
at ADB.execFunc$ (lib/tools/system-calls.js:189:13)
at tryCatch (/Applications/
at GeneratorFunctionPrototype.invoke [as _invoke] (/Applications/
at GeneratorFunctionPrototype.prototype.(anonymous function) [as throw] (/Applications/
at GeneratorFunctionPrototype.invoke (/Applications/
at run (/Applications/
at /Applications/
at flush (/Applications/$.microtask.js:19:5)
at _combinedTickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:67:7)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:98:9)

[MJSONWP] Responding to client with driver.getStatus() result: {“build”:{“version”:“1.5.3”…

I am running the lates version 1.5.3 and the appium driver gets run like below on the Mac machine:

node /usr/local/bin/appium --debug-log-spacing --automation-name Appium --platform-name Android --platform-version 7.0 --app --device-name TestDevice --log

The same command and the subsequent requests work fine on Android L device and I seem to get these issues only on Android N. Seems to be related to the issue as posted here: Starting Appium fails on Android N (Nougat) · Issue #6665 · appium/appium · GitHub. But don’t seem to get around this problem. Any ideas?

Hi Arjun_kochhar,
I am also facing the same issue. Any workarounds found?. Thanks


I am also facing the exact same issue. Do we have any updates ?

It still seems to fail for me on Android N device. But I have started to use Lollipop device to make my test suite run, till I figure out if there is a way to get around the same.

I am getting the same errors. Anyone have any updates on this issue?