Android parallel execution in multiple devices

We are currently automating Native app in Android using Selenium, Java and TestNG framework and using Appium Version 1.8.0 and java-client 6.0.0.
Our test scripts are running fine in single Android Mobile Device. Can you please suggest how to perform parallel execution in multiple mobile devices.

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  1. with testNG xml add: parallel=‘method’
  2. with every device (iOS or Android) you should run appium server. Each Appium server should have different port plus different port specific to tested platform. E.g. with Android device adbPort.
  3. you will meet many other problem :slight_smile: and may ask them later…

Hello Aleksei,

I have one appium server for each of my two android devices. I’ve noticed that executing a command on both servers at the same time yields undefined behavior: for exemple performing a click for device 1 and 2 will result in two clicks performed on device 2.
Is that one of the problem you were talking about ?


@Felix_Ganz question how you are running tests. One test on two devices OR two different tests on two devices?

I am always working with second one (just was needed in such way). And never had experience with first one (can only make guesses)