Android-While running getting error as "The device is not ready."

Hi All,
I am getting above error while running. In Cmd prompt if I run adb devices, its showing device name. But while running getting this error. Can anyone help me

Hi Premiaskumar,
Have you enabled the Developer option on the devices, if yes please check if USB debugging option is on.

Hi druv_91,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I did what u have mentioned. But problem i am facing is, when I launch appium server manually its working fine but when I try to launch through code its giving above error. Also till last week it was working fine, suddenly its started giving error. Appium version is Last week also same version I used.

Hi @Premiaskumar,

I would strongly suggest that you move to Appium v1.5.2 as it is far more stable, also can you please share the code, how you are launching the nodes, also let me know if you are running any devices in parallel.