App logging in via Auth0 (internal browser, callback) - cannot find the correct PageSource/elements


Scenario to be automated:

  1. Open app and click the Login button
  2. A browser opens on a Auth0 login page
  3. Enter credentials and confirm
  4. Redirected to app, logged in per the credentials

Issue: In step 3, the login HTML inputs are not in the PageSource.
I’m using the Appium Nuget package, C# bindings.

Observations made:

  1. According to the developer, the login screen is opened in an internal browser inside of the web application, wrapped by the native app.

  2. When launching the app, there are 2 Contexts (NATIVE and WEBVIEW_OurApp)

  3. When the browser for Auth0 has opened, there is a 3rd Context available (WEBVIEW_Chrome)

  4. Switching to this new Context does not provide me with the elements of the Login page. Rather, I only get the following (relevant) DIV element:


Anyone some ideas on how to make this flow work please?