Appium 1.7.0 Released


Thanks for sharing. It seems that searching google for various combinations of appium screen recording didn’t give me anything. Apparently “stop” was the keyword that I needed.


Please could you give us an example about what you did to implement distributed tests across multiple simulators?

I have cucumber+ruby tests with appium for iOS, and I had like to have test cases distributed amont 5 simulators by mentioning tags across multiple simulator sessions.

Any working example on acheving this?


Most of the time webdriver agent will not be launched on iphones(5s ,6s).

Environment :

Xcode 8.3.3.
Appium 1.7.0
Ios version 10.3.3.

Can anyone suggest me on this?


Hi there,

I met same issues, only some error raised in hub, do you have any solutions for it?


Any idea how to leverage start and stop screen recording in android using appium 1.7 ?


Read like, 6 posts above please