Appium can't successfully execute test cases in iOS

I am using available on the store and website. I am able to successfully load .app and connect appium with Simulator through which .app can be run on Simulator and logs can be displayed in Appium Inspector.

Now I have started Inspector and it is successfully setting connection with the app package. But in Appium videos ( I can see that users record some actions don’t need to perform any action on simulator, actions are automatically synced in simulator as well in preview pane. But in my case I need to refresh Inspector manually to see the preview and perform action in simulator as well.

Another issue is the test cases might work well if I believe but just for navigating pages only? What if I need to validate some actions? e.g. I am downloading a report, see the image for clarification.

The actual result is shown on left image below but not displayed in preview pane. Check the progress bar on the image in the left screenshot and after completion of download white translucent circle is displayed (Check the right side image). How can we validate that progress bar is displayed properly on the image or not? And after its completion the circle is visible or not?

And is there any way to implement the test cases inside app so issues can be tracked at development time? or we need to launch inspector and play recorded test cases to verify these actions?