appium_capybara: How to locate elements on native Android app using ids or accessibility ids

Hi folks,

I searched the web but all example of element locators I found were using either CSS selectors or Xpath. Can someone point me to a documentation with examples that locate elements using accessibility ids or ids on an Android native app please? Thank you!

I asked just such a question when we were trying to implement Appium in Java:

We decided to go with Ruby. Here’s a simple example of finding an element by resource-id

appium_driver.driver.find_element(:id, id)

Hi Willosser,

Thank you for your response! I was looking to use Site Prism syntax, but it looks like I will have to try other ways unless @bootstrap has anything to say about it.

appium_capybara supports the accessibility_id and id locator strategies.

I even have a site prism example.