Appium error connecting android device

Hi guys,

Can we get the status of connection established between Appium server and its corresponding android device?

Hope will get suggestions on this…!!

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Vijay Bhaskar.

I believe someone may came across this.

Thanks & Regards,
Vijay Bhaskar.

Not sure whether you could find your answer since this post seems old but i was facing the similar issue when the network is slow or when you are on VPN. Basically, there is a default timeout of 5 seconds inbuilt into the appium server which waits for the adb commands to respond back and on slower networks, the command response takes more than 5 seconds.The ay to fix this is as follows:
In your Desired capabilities, set the capability as below:
final DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();

where 10 is timout in seconds for getting the device ready

You can watch this video

Download chrome driver from the latest chrome driver, and place it in the appium folder: …\node_modules\appium\node_modules\appium-chromedriver\chromedriver\win
It worked for me.

Even I was facing the same issue, I did a silly mistake I checked the “Use Browser” checkbox in Appium GUI. It automatically resolved when I unchecked it.

I dont know if this has been answered, but set ANDROID_HOME and JAVA_HOME path in configurations in Appium Desktop Client to your SDK and Java Installation respectively. Should fix the issue.

cap.setCapability(“automationName”, “uiautomator2”);
for android version above 8
cap.setCapability(“automationName”, “uiautomator1”);
for android version below 4