Appium grid error

hey all
im trying to sync selenium grid with appium.
i searched for tutorials and i found tutorials for selenium and not for appium.

i launched the selenium grid server.
i created json file:Test_Node.json

“browserName”: “”,
“device”: “”, ->my devices from the adb command
“maxInstances”: 2,
“cleanUpCycle”: 2000,
“timeout”: 30000,
“hub”: “http://localhost:4444/grid/register/”,
“host”: “localhost”,
“proxy”: “org.openqa.grid.selenium.proxy.DefaultRemoteProxy”,
“maxSession”: 2,
“port”: 4730,
“hubPort”: 4444,
“hubHost”: “localhost”,
“url”: “”,
“remoteHost”: “”,
“register”: true,
“registerCycle”: 5000,
“role”: “node”

After that i opened new cmd
and type:
node.exe Appium\node_modules\appium\bin\appium.js --address --port 4723 -bp 2252 --udid 06a663d2006be106 --nodeconfig c:\appium_Node\Test_Node.json --session-override

and nothing happens

thanks ohad