Appium iOS Simulator stops responding, whereas Xcode iOS Simulator works fine

For some reason, Appium iOS Simulator stops responding whenever we submit information to the server. I view the server logs and see the call is being received on the server-side, but Appium simply waits and is unable to move forward. This behavior is not the same after building the app on Xcode, launching it in a simulator, and performing the same actions.

This has been an incredibly difficult issue to debug, as there is no real error of note that makes it clear why the simulator is failing at this point when it has been launched by Appium. I’ve noticed threads on this forum regarding heavy logging breaking Appium, and notice that there is some logging going on.

Has anyone experienced this? Is Appium only really reliable when launching from real devices? It seems to be the case based on all the threads I’ve read on this forum…

Xcode Version: 6.2
Platform Version: 8.2
Client Binding: Python
My OS: OSX 10.10.1