Appium not running in ios devices


While running automation scripts in iOS in any device after logging when navigating to home page app closes. Same happens in desktop appium. The issue is occuring for all os versions of ios.

Could anyone tell where I can found the cause of issue of device?


You may want to turn on xcode logging (showXcodeLog) and possibly give us a code sample


Hi @bennid thanks for your reply. But we are running the ios .app file in appium server so how is it possible that we can see it in XcodeLog. Its working fine manually. If we navigate to home page after logging in manually its working fine. But when we run it in the server appium, it closes when navigating to home page after clicking in login button.

Could you please suggest?


Please check this link for showXcodeLog capability


Please find the appium server log report. Still facing the same problem.test.log (301.7 KB)