Appium on Mac OS Mojave

has anyone tested Appium on Mojave Mac OS? I wonder if it is safe to update and if you had any problems with stability?

I would NOT recommend updating to OS Mojave as I just did yesterday and my Appium iOS automation starts acting weird by returning iOS Element with incorrect y-axis location even using FindElementByID method. Trying to find a workaround here before I downgrade back to High Sierra.

Could you please post an issue to github?

Does anyone updated and has news?
Since we are on appium 1.10 I’m assuming everything should be ok.
I want to update.

Am using Appium 1.10 in mojave and everything is fine.

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I’m also not facing any particular issues using mojave.

I am using appium v1.10.0 Desktop seamlessly, Not facing any issue. For more details please provide logs that gives clear indication of your problem.

Updated last night, no issue so far.

HI @manovnk,

can you please tell us the configuration you are using to run your scripts on ios Device:
Info like :

  • iOS version
  • Appium version(Desktop or npm installed)
  • Mac version( most probably you are using 10.14.5
  • Xcode version
  • Java client version.