Appium server don't find Safari launcher

hi everybody,

edit after a long search i found that i was in the same case as the
instrument crash on start up
with error 255
but after reading the post i didn’t found a solving solution for SafariLauncher that is giving me a .app and not an .ipa

i changed the bundleID of Safari launcher and when i run my tests … he say he don’t find the application:

[debug] [iOS] App is not installed. Will try to install the app.

(the app is running with xcode during my test) can you tell me which step should i check to solve my problem because in the log of appium there is no explaination of which processus is used to check the apps …
here are my logs :

on the last reply i was copying the in the appium/node-module/appium-ios-driver/build as it’s ask but thee is nowhere in the doc where it’s specified that we should do that so i begin to think it’s should be a bug …
when i try to run appium he say that should be in appium/node-module/appium-ios-driver/build
i builded SafariLauncher from appium/node-module/safari-launcher/SafariLauncher.xcodeproj … is that a bug ?