Appium server hardware/memory requirements for many instances?

My team is currently in the process of building a local device lab for running automated testing on real devices. The goal is to support somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 different devices, so we’re currently in the process of trying to determine hardware requirements for the system that will actually run the Selenium Grid and Appium server nodes.

Looking at memory usage for node+java while running Appium tests seems like we’re running at 50-200mb of memory and pretty minimal CPU usage for each Appium server instance. Based on those numbers, I’m guessing a reasonably beefy machine with 16GB of RAM should be adequate, but that seems like a guess with very little data to support it.

Can anyone offer advice or suggestions for this project? Particularly if you have experience with a similar lab setup, any input would be much appreciated.

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Also interested in such specification.

I did successful run of 20 phones (10 iOS and 10 Android) with macMini 2017 model and 16GB RAM. Later we split iOS and Android devices between 2 macMinis with 16GB each. Now they support 12-14 phones each.

16Gb MAX IMHO for 15-20 phones. Need more -> increase RAM to 32 for sure.

PS macMini M2 with 32GB is cool and cheap option.

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Any idea why the parallism is memory bound?
I thought if they are putting it into cloud, the reource consumption should be somewhat limited.

if you start using any cloud like BrowserStack you do not need such memory as far as appium server for each device will be running on their side.