Appium starts Android APP like fresh installed


I’m pretty new to Appium. My goal is to automate an Android app for testing APP and Backend behavior.
I have managed to start my App.

But the App behavior is different if it is started manually on the android device or if it is started remotely from Appium from attached PC.

If the App is started by Appium it ALWAYS shows Tutorial screens which have to be “accepted” and finally the user needs to login. It looks like starting the APP from Appium will reset the APP to installation state where no data is persisted on the mobile device.

Usually, if I start the APP manually on the device I have to “accept” the tutorial screens only once and even the log in is cached until the next active log out.

Is there a way to allow persistence of some data?

try the noReset capability

That works - thank yoiu very much for the fast answer !!!