Appium suddenly stop setting up and tearing down app

Hi guys. I need your help. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this for 2 days and still no luck.

It suddenly started happening yesterday where all my IOS test no longer launch and close the app after it’s done testing. It will perform the test if you are on the right screen.

  1. If app is on home screen - launch app, perform test, doesn’t kill app after test.
  2. If app is open but on a different screen - doesn’t kill and relaunch app, test running, doesn’t kill app

Normally, if the test is done or test is interrupted (killed), app is normally killed as well. If app is open and you run a test, it will kill and relaunch the app.

I set this up 4 months ago and is working fine until yesterday afternoon. Workaround is to set noReset to true. Not sure if this qualifies a bug since it just started happening so maybe there’s a setting that I need to check?

  • No change in xcode version
  • No change in mac os version
  • No change in android
  • No issue in android

I se some differences when doing a diff on both logs but I don’t know what I should be looking.

When test app is running, it doesn’t kill and relaunch app:

When test app is not running, it launches it and test runs fine, it just doesn’t kill it when its done testing:

Not sure why it should be killing the app while noReset is provided. I would either try to call terminateApp explicitly or play with appium:shouldTerminateApp capability value

Thank you. The launching issue is still there but at least now, most of the time it works fine. It also kills the app after test is done.

Any idea why this started happening? Any possible interference from firewall, antivir? My machine is using jamf and I did notice there was an update popup yesterday morning.

most likely it was a bug, which has been fixed in the recent release

I’m currently using v1.22.0

I see appium:forceAppLaunch is suitable a bit better when we need clean start with test.

PS I guess combination of both is even better.

Thank you all for the help. This is solved.