Appium testing failure

I have installed all the required softwares for Appium. My Mac version is 10.11.5,Appium - 1.5.3 and Xcode - 8. But it’s giving me error “Could not start a new session”. What should I do?

install latest (1.6.0 or which ever is the latest ) Appium via npm and look out for its installation instructions in Appium’s official website and in this forum

How do I upgrade the current appium (1.5.3) to the 1.6.3 version?

Look in your server logs – it should tell you why it can’t start a new session. For example, if your device is android N and they haven’t fixed the issue with reinstalling the appium support apps, this could cause it to fail.

Plese try updrading appium to 1.6.3 with -

sudo npm install [email protected]

I have upgraded my appium to the version 1.6.3. After starting appium server successfully from terminal when i click on Inspector icon it’s giving me the error “Could Not Launch Appium Inspector”. So what should I do?