Appium tests using Node.js

Hi, I was wondering if anyone is writing tests using Node.js and the wd library. It seems like there is only one example (, but even wd itself claims not to give full support to the JsonWire protocol (see here: Does everyone write the tests using Java? We much prefer to write in Node.js but don’t want to take any risk that down the road we’ll find that there is no support and we cannot get things done.
The funny thing is that Appium on its home page shows a way to execute tests with wd!! See bottom of the page
I ran into a couple of problems. One of them was with setting a frame. I looked at webdriver.js code and found the following comment for frame():
// avoid using this, webdriver seems very buggy
// doesn’t work at all with chromedriver
So, should I forget about writing tests in JS? What do most people use?

All of appium’s tests are written using node.js and wd.

Thanks bootstraponline. Those tests seem like a good reference. Could you please help me out with the frame issue? I guess the bug is actually in Appium and not in wd? Is there a way to un-select a frame?

Frames work and appium has tests for them. If you have a reproducible failure then open a bug on the appium issue tracker with code to replicate the issue.

Here’s an example of unselecting a frame.

Thanks for your help! It works for me now.