Application getting crashed and not launched successfully


I’m new to Appium.

Using following softwares:

  1. Appium version 1.3.7
  2. Mac OS Version: 10.9.5
  3. commandlinetoolsosx10.9forxcode6.2
  4. Xcode_6.2.dmg

I have set up the Appium and trying to launch the app by clicking on “INSPECTOR”, the app is not getting launched. It clicks on the app icon in the simulator and immediately closes, it happens for 4-5 times and the simulator is getting closed.

Can you please help me in this ASAP !!!

Girish Naidu

Your Appium Tool where you’re launching the inspector should have the server Logs from when you try to launch the inspector. Please provide these logs in order for us to help you debug your issue more effectively.