Application is launched successfully through Appium. However Appium inspector is not working. Plz help


I am able to lunch the application successfully through Appium. However the appium inspector is not working.

Can anybody help me

Can you please provide more information.
Which OS, which Appium version and so on. GUI or CLI?

The appium doctor says everything is okay?

Whats the iOS version and Appium Version ?

OS - 10.11 MAC, IOS- 9.3 version, Appium- 1.5.3, GUI

You must use Appium 1.6.X for iOS 10+ as the underlying framework was completely changed.

Since there is no GUI for Appium 1.6.X yet, you have to start Appium from the CLI.
And for using the inspector with version 1.6 there exist some workarounds ( start inspector with 1.6 )