AutoAccept alerts set to true but on new devices still get the Access Screen for Android

On a new Android App I get the below screen but I do not get this on phones that previously had the app. Does anyone have a good way to automate the Continue button for Android. I use C# so I can’t use any fancy Java stuff.

Try add autoGrantPermissions capability.

From doc:
Have Appium automatically determine which permissions your app requires and grant them to the app on install. Defaults to false . If noReset is true , this capability doesn’t work.

I figured that making both of these true would help but neither seems to fix it. opt.AddAdditionalCapability(“autoAcceptAlerts”, “true”);
opt.AddAdditionalCapability(“autoGrantPermissions”, “true”);

What is no reset=True by Default?

Just trying to figure out what permissions I need. According to the screen it shows these opt.AddAdditionalCapability(“photos”, “true”);
opt.AddAdditionalCapability(“media”, “true”);
opt.AddAdditionalCapability(“files”, “true”);
So I am attempting these?

share Appium DEBUG! logs when you open driver.

2021-09-14 18:52:59:593 - [debug] [MJSONWP (6a937898)] Responding to client with driver.createSession() result: {“platform”:“ANDROID”,“webStorageEnabled”:false,“takesScreenshot”:true,“javascriptEnabled”:true,“databaseEnabled”:false,“networkConnectionEnabled”:true,“locationContextEnabled”:false,“warnings”:{},“desired”:{“systemPort”:8204,“udid”:“8CBX1LTJ1”,“chromedriverPort”:18084,“device”:“google pixel 3”,“os_version”:“10.0”,“autoAcceptAlerts”:true,“autoGrantPermissions”:true,“READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”:true,“WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE”:true,“CAMERA”:true,“platformName”:“Android”,“browserstack.is_hub_canary”:“false”,“acceptSslCert”:false,“detected_language”:“selenium/3.141.0 (.net windows)”,“new_bucketing”:true,“osVersion”:“10”,“deviceName”:“Android”,“platform”:“ANDROID”,“chromeOptions”

I think thats where the problem might be the webStorageEnabled: false…

i do not see ‘noReset’…

Right I left it as default.