Can I create driver without launching app?

Can I create driver without launching app, i.e. without pre-launching.

Hi @kirill!
It is not nesessary to prealaunch application. It can be started by given capabilities. How? Please read this document:

Here are samples: GitHub - appium-boneyard/java-workshop: Java workshop for Appium

Hey, thanks for help!
I have always running empty appium server and all caps I pass in my tests.
And I don’t understand why Appium always reinstall app/clears app data after creating new driver, even if full reset is not set.

How can i automate the incoming call or open message popup etc, which is launched before starting the Appium driver. While creating Appium driver, the actipplication is getting close like incoming call.

Hi ,

I’m trying to launch the appium server without providing an “app” flag , the application path will be provided by the driver’s capability , the thing is I’m getting :

“Could not pre-launch appium: Error: Please provide the ‘app’ or ‘browserName’ capability or start appium with the --app or --browser-name argument.”

error. Any idea how can I just launch the server ?