Cannot access uielements inside (within) UITableView by using Appium

I’ve being trying to access to the uielements (labels) which are located within UITableViewCell which is located in UITableView. (see the picture below)

  • I set a setIsAccessibilityElement:YES and setAccessibilityLabelto each required label I can access with no issues.
  • I’m adding an accessibility to the cell , still can access to each label in addition to the cell as well
  • I’m adding accessibility to the table from this point Appium cannot recognise/inspect the cell and the labels , but only the table …

The thing is , IOS Accessibility inspector (runs from IOS simulator) does able to recognise the table / cell / labels

Any idea what Do I need in the sourcecode of the app in order to make it work with Appium ?


can u share u r code which u r using for locate uielements

Try like this it should work
List [WebElement] tableView = driver.findElements(By.className(“UIATableView”));
List [WebElement] tableViewCell = tableView .driver.findElements(By.className(“UITableViewCell”));
for (int i=0;i less then tableViewCell.size();i++)

@amitjaincoer191 before I’m diving into the code , I’m trying to inspect the table and it’s elements with the inspector … and appium doesn’t “see” them

Did u check all UIAWindows in appium inspector elements are not appearing any where ??. If that is the case it means appium inspector is not able to inspect elements.

We cannot automate any thing which is not detected by underlying framework UIAutomation which appium uses.

@amitjaincoer191 , then how IOS inspector does able to inspect these element + the cell + the table ?