Can't launch Android App with appium

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to launch App with appium(Desktop GUI) on my real device, but it can’t anyway.
However, I can use adb shell to open it. (
adb shell am start -n com.XXXX/com.XXXXX.activity.SplashActivity)

Here is my environment
PC: Windows 10
Device : Redmi Note 7

Desired cap:
“platformName”: “Android”,
“platformVersion”: “10”,
“deviceName”: “f769b7a”,
“adbExecTimeout”: 200000,
“app”: “XXXXXXXXXX.apk”,
“autoGrantPermissions”: “true”,
“automationName”: “UiAutomator2”


What I have tried but didn’t work:
1.Use Admin to open appium
2.Open USB debugging/ Install vid USB/ USB debugging ( Security settings)

Any advice will help me a lot, thanks!

first link in google

did you disabled security on phone?