Check Color on the Activity screen

I have an app to test in which I have to verify the color on a calendar view for a day depending upon the target you have achieved. Like in a month you have 30 days , on the days when u achiev the target those days are marked in green , if u achieve 50-99% the day is marked in orange… lke wise. I have to automate a test to check for those color in the calendar view. Is it possible in appium…or is there any other tool for android with which it is possible

The best thing you could do is to have your developers create accessibility labels for these colors. Although, in the real world - for a disabled user - saying the word “Orange” may not mean much…

Alternatively, your best bet is to use a tool like Applitools and do screen comparisons.
Additionally, Appium has some screen shotting commands that you can find out more about here:

Good luck

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