Checking value of seekbar on audiofile play is blocked

Hello Everyone,

I am currently facing an issue that i can not work correctly with the SeekBar item on the android client of the company i work for.

the scenario is the following:

  • User has an audio file of 15 seconds.
  • User remembers the state of the seekbar
  • User starts to play the audio file
  • User waits for 2 seconds
  • User checks if the Seekbar value has changed

now comes the problem:

  • appium is waiting with the execution of the last step until the audio file has been finished playing. in that example 15 seconds. if i increase the value to 4 minutes, he would wait 4 minutes.

Can anyone give me a hint or tip how i can evaluate if this is an issue of our app or appium itself?

Side Information:

  • to compare the seekbar values i am grabbing the text value from the seekbar webelement and compare the values. in theory this works, but as appium is waiting until the audio file is done, both values are 0.0 :confused:

Details: I am using the latest appium 1.15.x and the issue persists on all android versions between 5.0 and 10.0

Thanks in Advance