Connecting to ios8 source gives instrument code 253 (Solved)

No. The application is not launching from instruments. I spoke to the developer. She made sure that the device was added to the developer profile and adhoc profile. I downloaded the profiles to the device as well as the ios developer profile…after removing the old copies. Tried to launch again…still did not work…kept getting error - Target failed to run: Permission to debug was denied

That error usually happens when the app does not have developer profile. Double check with your developer that it does.

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Here is another step I just had to take to get my app fully running (after the updates):

My solution was to take “DEBUG” out of the GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS line in my xcconfig
(my QA.xcconfig to be exact. aka the xcconfig for the QA type build that I was using to run automated tests)

Hope that helps. Before removing DEBUG I was able to manually use the app in xcode’s simulator, but unable to run automation tests in Apple instruments and appium.

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Yes. I believe this is my issue as well. So I redid my ios developer profile/certifcate…and saved to my make…updated in XCode. Now I am waiting for the developer to recompile the app…to associate my ios developer profile. Thx for the tip!

Thx Patrick…if the recompile does not work…I will check the debug properties next.

Did it work for you? I am still stuck at this issue

Finally found a solution for me.

Stupid me forgot to register the iPads as developement devices.
Prior to Xcode 6 that wasn’t necessary to be done.
All devices except for the iPads were registered.
Now everything works fine on iOS 7 and 8 on Xcode 6.

Sometimes its just simple stuff like that.

If you are sure 100% that your device and environments are set up properly, but it still doesn’t work, try this method.

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