Continuous Integration in Appium


Does appium have CI support or any plans to add that? I see many bugs which mention that it doesn’t and that many working features have broken as a result of that. I have tried both C# and Java clients from latest code and building appium from latest code and see that some test cases have failed for both.

My concern is that if that’s the case, I can’t rely on the stability of appium, and hence my tests written today may not work in the future! This problem will further enhance when I start using Appium for cloud based device testing(ex: saucelabs, appthwack) as the appium version might be different across these set-ups and test results will vary dependent on appium version.

This is my biggest concern before I can decide on using Appium for my testing needs.


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CI was mentioned in the December 2014 webinar. We’ve been talking about proper CI since last year so it’s not clear when it will be in place.

Any update on this? Can any ETA be shared?

It’s a work in progress.

We already have parts of the setup working. We have people working on this full-time, so please rest assured we’re as eager as you to see a comprehensive, robust CI system in place.

ETA is that some pieces are already in place and the remaining pieces should hopefully get wrapped up in the next few weeks.

Any update on this? Is the CI in place now for all components? Or can you share which components have CI and which don’t? I had kept aside testing of my app (and focusing on development) as I wanted to use Appium without issues mentioned above due to missing CI.

Pinging again. Any thing new here?

It’s still a work in progress unfortunately.

Hello, let me know when you implement CI? It is really important thing!!!

I Published my first book/workshop on “CI for Mobile Apps” (currently only android). This is how I implemented CI feedback loop using couple of tools including appium -

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