Could not able to perform click successfully

Hi All,
I have written small script to test appium2.0 functionality with appium flutter finder.
I cannot able to perform click operation successfully.

  import * as find from '../utils/serializer';
    import { Given} from '@cucumber/cucumber';
    import { Logger } from 'tslog';
    const log: Logger = new Logger();

Given('I launch the app', async () => {
    console.log('Initial app testing');
    const contextList = await driver.getContexts();

    await driver.pause(5000);
    const login = find.byValueKey('button_sign_in_google');
    await driver.elementClick(login);'I have launched the app');
    await driver.pause(5000);

I am also attaching my appium logs.
AppiumLogs.txt (36.8 KB)
Can someone please suggest me what I am missing!
Thanks :slight_smile:

For everyone who has a similar problem,
the solution is to switch the context to “FLUTTER”

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