Data driven Framework supports Parallel running for Android using Appium

Hi All,

I am using Data Driven framework for our android automation using appium.

Framework Design ,

All our data we are reading the from the exel sheets.

Mainly consists of 3 parts - this is the main execution part - helps to read/write the exel sheets - All methods defined here - like Desired capabalities, clickevents,verifyevents etc

Really Confusion state , our data driven framework supports the parallel running on multiple devices ?

Plz help with the sample code

Please help regarding to run our scripts parallel on android devices.

Note : Currently not using TestNG in our framework
Thanks in Advance

MyFramework contains mainly 3 java files like --> -->

Currently I m reading the data from the Microsoft Exel sheet. I have heard like we can’t read the input data from Exle sheet for parallel run.

My Data driven framework structure like this,

Ref : Data Driven TestFramework

Please suggest how to start parallel execution using this framework …

Your help much appreciated

Thanks in Advance


You can try using Java Threads to perform parallel execution. Below article shows sample implementation. Based on your framework, the actual approach that you might need to use would most probably change.