[Debian] Appium Inspector on Linux not loading picture

I have problem with Appium Inspector (using version 2024.6.1, but happened for older versions as well). Inspector correctly connects to device thats connected on remote server, loads XML data but it does not load screenshot of display therefore its not possible to click into UI and select elements.

The server is hosted on Debian 12 machine where Appium 2.10.3 is installed together with UIAutomator2 driver (3.5.4) and plugins device-farm (8.4.7-rc.41), appium-dashboard (2.0.3). Please note that in time of posting this, there are no available updates. Also note that issue happened in older versions as well, its not something recent.

I´ve tried to run Appium server localy (same versions) on Windows 11 machine and everything works just fine as expected.

However I really need to make Inspector work with remote Debian server.
I´m attaching a log from Debian Appium server session (non-working one). Personaly I dont see anything incorrect there (I have also compared the log with working one - it was basicaly identical), but hopefuly someone will see something.

Please also note that I tried Inspector without any plugins on server side - issue persist.
And one more point that could be relevant - Appium Dashboard plugin has recording capabilities (it records whole session unless its turned off). I assume it uses similar approach as Inspector does. However this recording does not work either.

Thanks for your time and help
appium.log (89.4 KB)