Does Appium supports multiple provisioning profile for the same app

I run into another situation.
When I am trying to install the build using appium driver, then console is throwing

[INST STDERR] Instruments Trace Error : Target failed to run: Permission to debug com.nytimes.NYTimes was denied. The app must be signed with a development identity (e.g. iOS Developer).
I know my build is using multiple provisioning profile to support both iOS7 and iOS8 and iOS8 unique features.
Because, when I am trying to install, the instrument crashes multiple times and leaves a default icon on Newsstand (iPhone device).

Could you please let me know if there is a work around for this?
xocde6, iphone5/iOS7, appium 1.2.0
app (uses multiple dev provisioning profiles to build correctly)

Even i m facing the same issue…Any solutions?

Appium receives the compiled application, so Appium does not care about your provisioning profile. It uses instruments to access the iPhone and install.
It is your duty to compile with the correct provisioning profile (that includes the relevant UUID).
Though I have to say that this error happens also when you try to install an application that was compiled for simulator and not for device.
To compile to multiple devices, configure in the Build settings of the project a provisioning profile that includes all your devices UUIDs and use -sdk iphoneos on the xcodebuild command line.
Hope this helps

Hey @ShiranDadon

The problem for me was that the developer used to share the .ipa with a distribution profile.
So fixed it by getting a dev signed ipa.