Downloads not completing [28.10.2015]

Facing some issues in Appium upgrade 1.4.13 I tried uninstalling and making a fresh install.
As of now the download me an my colleague are trying to make does not complete.
It downloads 214/214 for 1.4.8 and 178/178 for 1.4.13 but just wouldn’t sign off.
Anyone else facing anything similar?

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till yesterday I was facing this issue but today download was complete for 1.4.13, however when I launch the GUI it shows appium version 1.4.12

is your source bitbucket?

Yes I downloaded the dmg file from

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getting stuck at present itself…tried restarting everything as well…download would reach completion just wouldn’t succeed

I’m also facing same issue. If you are using chrome to download the file just rename the extension to .dmg and click to install.

Is there any fix to this? How and where can I download the app, where is actually completes?

no help as of now… no idea to what changes (if) are required

had this exact same issue. i ended up using Firefox instead of Chrome and the download worked perfectly.

in chrome, download of apium-1.4.13.dmg from bitbucket was constantly getting to the end, but unable to complete for some reason.

Still happening:
Firefox download works;
Chrome download hangs on completion

So this issue is still occurring on Mac when trying to download appium-1.4.13.dmg using Google Chrome

The Software versions I am using are as followed:
Google Chrome: 49.0.2623.110 (64-bit)
OSX - 10.11.3 (15D21)

As previous posts have mentioned using Firefox (v45.0.1) will allow you to successfully download the .dmg without issue.