driver.activateApp() for two apps in the same package

Hi, guys.

I have an issue. I have an application under the test which has 2 components which is installed from one apk, but considered by android as 2 separate applications (2 icons on the screen). One is interface for AQA environment options and other one is my application. When I start my application the first one is also starts and runs in the background.
I have a situation when I need to get my main application from the background. But when I trigger driver.activateApp(packageName) only app with the options appears on a foreground. Obviously they are from the same package, but running in a different activities. Is there an option to wake up by specifying an activity not a package?

Thanks in advance.

Managed to solve it with

adb shell am start --activity-single-top com.package.your_app/.YourActivity

But is there an option doing this through appium?