Driver.elements '-ios predicate string' not returning emelents iOS/JS/WD

In my app I have a whole bunch of buttons with the labels: Word & This. Each has a unique accessibility ID (that I cannot know, reliably, at test time).

Using Appium Inspector:

App Version: 2021.5.1-beta.5
Electron: 7.3.3
Node.js: 12.8.1

I see: -ios predicate string(beta) label == "Word & This" AND name == "abcdef0123"

I want to get all buttons, or at least the first button. So I have used:
let wt_buttons = await driver.elements('-ios predicate string', 'label == "Word & This"');

But wt_buttons.length is 1.

How to I get all the buttons?

EDIT: The type of the control is XCUIElementTypeStaticText and using await driver.elements('-ios predicate string', 'type = "XCUIElementTypeStaticText"') returns a set that has the elements I want, with some filtering.

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