elementByXPath method does not exist in wd for nodejs

It seems like the elementByXPath method does not exist, while elementByXPathOrNull does.
I am using the latest wd node module with latest nodejs to automate Appium tests…
Here’s some code:
driver = wd.promiseRemote(serverConfig);
driver.init(desired).then(function () {
return driver.get(myUrl).then(function () {

At this point, when inspecting the driver variable (I am using WebStorm) and using a watch for driver.elementByXPath I get “undefined”. If I look at the value of driver.elementByXPathOrNull
I can see that it’s set to a function.
I proceed to use the elementByXPathOrNull() and it works fine. elementByXPath() of course does not work as it is undefined…
Is there a bug in wd?