elementId 20 could not be tapped

def get_email_with_subject(subject)
if @iosTest
field = $appiumDriver.wait(45){get_element_by_xpath("//UIATableView[1]/UIATableCell[contains(@name,’#{subject}’)]")}
if @androidTest
get_element_by_name("Subject, "+subject)

The element is found but there is a random time when the click fails. There is enough wait added but still fails to click randomly.

Using appium 1.3.5 and ruby on iOS 7.1

Any thoughts?

Hi all,
I am not able to toggle a button which is not in UI
My app consists of 20 buttons,where it shows 5 at a time
Using appium 1.3.7 and python
can anyone help me out ?


Try to add a wait before clicking the button. That seemed to have worked for us.
It seems to be a race condition before click. A wait for 5 secs helped us get through the element could not be tapped issue.

Though its not ideal, it was the best around.