Error: Chromedriver create session did not work

May be this correlates with issue:


I had the same problem with the chromedriver version provided by appium.
Try using chromedriver v2.3 .
It worked for me. Also remove the chromedriver.exe from task manager if present.


@Ram & @arikon

How does one override the ChromeDriver version provided by Appium? I’m running into similar issue with ChromeDriver and Appium 1.2.2 (reference Chrome not reachable error)


Go to this folder and replace the chromedriver in the respective folder of your operating system there with whichever version you want

—> Appium\node_modules\appium\build\chromedriver\

I have also run into same issue on MAc 10.9.5 running Nexus 10 Genymotion emulator with Android version 4.4.4.

I am using Downloaded Appium app version : 1.3.1
Can some one explain in more detail how do we solve this.

JFYI - same issue been tracked here as well -

Hi @RamS - Is there any other way to skip this issue??

Hi @PRABU90,
I could get my current test case working with Appium upgrade to 1.3.1 and Java client to 1.6.3
Not sure if this has solved the main problem. Once I start working more on WebView, I will get clear picture. I will keep u posted on my findings.

Hi @Ram:
This issue gets resolved when i updated with latest chromedriver(v2.12). I’m also using the Appium v1.3.1 and java client v1.6.1. I can able to access the webviews in my hybrid application.

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Hi Ram ,
Can u please send me steps how to resolve this issue.can u please give briefly info if possible

@Jagatheskmp Is this sufficient information?

Sorry.I am new to appium chromedriver(v2.12) this is device chrome driver or system.i am confusing here.i am using Appium v1.3.1

Hi prabu,
Can u please give steps to update chromedriver.


You can download the most recent version here:

Put it in your appium/build/chromedriver directory.

Hi Mason,
Thanks a lot…I have downloaded chrome driver…where i can find the path appium/build/chromedriver

It’ll be wherever Appium is installed on your machine and that depends on your OS. You could try searching for a directory called “chromedriver”.

Hi Mason/Ram,
Thanks you very much…working fine now…

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Hi Mason/Ram,
I am not getting webview context in android version 4.3.Can u please give me solution for this.

Please give me solution for the above

Hi Mason.

Please kindly help for this ,

why java client v2.1.0 not supporting for this issue…

Please give me the solution for this.