Example of a secure app iOS

Does anyone know of an apple store app that is for example a banking app and prevents or by policy does not allow screenshots (and by definition does not allow screencasting or mirroring)?

I’m wanting to verify that when they screencast (to a TV for example) and a secure app is opened by the user, that the screencast will not show the app and it’s passwords for example. I’m not a apple user so it’s a struggle to know how I would find such a protected or policy controlled app.

Apparently Netflix does this:


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That thread was helpful.
Although I found out that apple are a bit less clear on security here and preventing screenshots is not an app manifest property like it is on Android https://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/Display#FLAG_SECURE , but requires 3rd party code to prevent taking screenshot on iPad or iPhone. Interestingly the ability to prevent screenshots only gets used more recently on Android, although early indications are that mirroring or screen-casting (I.e where the user trusts the display) are not prevented from seeing screen content in either platform’s case anyway.