Execute 2 Android Test simultaneously - problem during install apk



I try to execute 2 Test simultaneously on the same apk store on machine who execute appium server. This is a fresh apk copy from my Jenkins to test if commit is ok or not ok.

When I execute appiumDriver = new AndroidDriver(url, caps);, Appium try to install apk in the same time on my 2 android devices. I saw it created a .tmp on my folder where was store the apk, and remove definitevely apk :

When I test with only 1 devices, it’s work fine. I saw it created a .tmp too, but recreate an apk after (with a smaller length). I saw than if the apk is already used by one appium test, after, i can parralalise it without problem. Wich traitments is do on apk ? It is possbile to make the traitment before execute test simultaneously ?

Edit : I use appium v 1.7.2

Thanks for advance.