Facebook Authentication scenario with Appium

I am testing in Appium a native mobile app. In the facebook login scenario, i have noticed that the UI of the login popup, changes randomly in between test execution and that causes tests to fail. Any idea how to control this? I mean,i think i can have two verifyAt() methods and then implement an if condition which will continue to verify the alternative UI that comes from FB if the first one fails, but i am not entirely sure. Anyone faced this issue before? Thanks

Pre-Condition: Provided mobile you’re testing on doesn’t have FB native app installed scenario.

As this is controlled by FB, they keep on playing with UI and changing randomly.

You need to use if… elseif… else to check for all available FB related elements instead of marking TC as failed.


can you please provide a complete solution here and if you have actually tackled this problem? thanks

anyone please answer???