Facing issue in launching and automating iOS native application on real device


We are facing issues in launching and automating native ios native application on real device, whenever we try to launch the native app (contacts) on real device by passing bundle-Id it gives us instrumentation error.

Below are the system details and log for reference :
iOS device : iphone 5 version 8.5
Mac System: 10.10.3
Xcode: 6.4
Appium Version:1.4.8

[INST STDERR] 2015-08-07 21:21:44.882 instruments[3248:133525] WebKit Threading Violation - initial use of WebKit from a secondary thread.
info: [debug] [INST STDERR] Instruments Trace Error : Target failed to run: Permission to debug com.apple.Preferences was denied. The app must be signed with a development identity (e.g. iOS Developer)