Force Appium to use App installed on the iPhone Simulator after Appium installs the App the first time

Our App, once installed, requires you to pair it with another external system. Once paired, the App stores the credentials it needs locally and you shouldn’t have to pair it again.

If I specify the CAPS like so:
CAPS[‘app’] = ‘/Users/Me/Documents/workspace/Source/Xamarin/iOS/MobileApp/bin/iPhoneSimulator/Debug/’
CAPS[‘platformName’] = ‘iOS’
CAPS[‘platformVersion’] = ‘8.1’
CAPS[‘deviceName’] = ‘iPhone 5s’

Then Appium successfully installs to the simulator. I can then pair it, close down the simulator and re-open the whole thing without needing to go through the pairing process again.

If I look for where the app is installed, I find it here:

Where 4F8D8FC5-145C-4F54-B1AC-991E83234F19 is the hardware ID of the iPhone 5s Simulator (and this matches up with what I can see in XCode) and B62FACC9-FB3B-4149-A32E-B47FA880D298 is the application ID.

If I change the CAPS to use this path instead, I get an INSTRUMENTS ERROR, and everything under Bundle/Application is wiped out.

If I don’t change the CAPS, then the App is installed AGAIN, only this time, the application ID is different.

Is there any way to accomplish what I am attempting to do, or am I going about this all wrong?