Genymotion emulator + soft keyboard + getting Language and input popup

I recently switchced to Appium and I am using Genymotion emulator.
There is a scenario where the emulator goes into horizontal orientation and I need to type in something.
Under such scenario whenever my sendKeys command starts typing, I get this popup asking to select Language and input. As a result of which my script is failing.
Any idea why I am facing such an issue.
Note:- whenever my emulator is in vertical orientation at that time the sendkeys work perfectly fine.
But, its just that when its in horizontal modeā€¦I get this popup
Also, If I manually perform this steps on the emulator I dont get this popup. It appears only while doing via appium script.

Please find the attached snapshot for more info on the problem I am facing

Please help me out as I am kind of stuck over here

Thanks in advance,
Nishant Shah