Gesture Automation in Android Emulator

Can we perform mobile gesture automation like scroll, swipe, flick in Android Emulator?
I tried to use some methods like driver.swipe or driver. scrollTo but I am getting error Method Not Implemented error.
I am using appium version and java client 2.1.0 on windows machine.

ITouchAction action = new TouchAction(driver)
                .Press(scrollable, xStart, yStart)
                .MoveTo(scrollable, xStart, yEnd)

  • where scrollable is the area where you’d like to scroll
  • be sure to calculate the correct values for Start and End depending if you’re scrolling up or down

Even with these method I am getting same error - “Not Yet Implemented”.

Any help.
Most of the touch action or Android Driver method which I tried for Android gesture either gives error Not Yet Implemented or An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command.

Can you provide more details, i.e. code, setup etc.

Try your code on appium version and java client 2.2.0