Getting exception as "​An error occurred while executing user supplied JavaScript" when automating ios app on simulator

Hi All,

I am facing an issue with iphone simulator in the scenario mentioned below, is there any workaround for this issue?


i. In iphone simulator, I have logged into application
ii. Performed some operations and then logged out
iii. Now, in the same session, trying to login to application again and unable to enter data into text fields and got the exception,
org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: An error occurred while executing user supplied JavaScript

I have been using versions mentioned below:
Appium server: 1.4.13
Appium java_client: v3.2.0
iPhone Simulator iOS 8.2

Thanks in advance…

Post a copy of Appium’s server logs. If you can legally post a copy of your code, that would be great as well.

Use a pastebin service or GitHub gist to post your logs if they are extensive and long, as whoever helps you would probably appreciate not running into a wall of text directly on the forum.