Google play login error when i run automated tests

In the test i’m trying to automate i need to:

  • browse to a an app url
  • be redirected from this url to google play
  • install the app
  • execute and verify proper app execution.

I start the test opening session chrome browser navigating to my app url.
This redirect me to install the app from google play.

once i click on install, even when device have defined a google account, i’m asked to log in

I click on Sign In button and, instead of go to login page, i get this error page

I’ve verified where is been redirected after click on sign in and that the URL where is going to

com.mydomain.myapp, of course, corresponds to my app.

If i execute manually same steps in same device, it doesnt ask for log in and install properly.

Do you have any clue why could this happens and a clue about a solution?