Hacking a workaround for Selendroid Dependencies (issue/enhancement #3607)

Pardon my ignorance here, I’m probably doing something wrong (it is Friday afternoon after all).
I have written some automation and am running into the problem described in https://github.com/appium/appium/issues/3607 . The gist of the issue is, Since Selendroid 0.11 has updated dependencies, some of which can clash with the dependencies of AUT causing the IllegalAccessError.

Now the workaround suggested in the issue is to install an older instance of the server on the device manually…
I’ve tried installing Selendroid 0.10.0 manually to the device prior to running the tests however, Appium just installs a new instance. Line from the log:
adb -s shell pm list packages com.myapp.example.selendroid
adb -s install -r “/tmp/selendroid.com.myapp.example.apk”

So my question is, Do I point Appium to an older version of the dependency artefact? Or should the Selendroid server APK be renamed to contain the same bundle ID (and signed with same cert obviously)?

Please note: I have the ability to run from source or from the npm installed package.

Easiest way to do this, I found, was to change the selendroid_version number in the reset.sh and force it to use an older version. Worked fine. Thanks.