Help finding buttons with appium

Guys, I’m trying to automate an app, I ran driver.context to find out if the app was hybrid, but I get the right NATIVE result and I ran driver.page_source() and I get an xml code, but I can’t find the buttons in it, but I can find an EditText. Why does it happen? I can’t inspect, I can’t interact with these buttons, it’s as if I didn’t have them there, these buttons have a border, is it possible that the creator of the App used ImageView and for this reason these buttons are not displayed in the xml for me?

Only your app developers can help.
You also did not mention if it ios or android or …

Android and I’m using python, I can interact with certain elements, but I believe I won’t be able to quickly contact the developers, is there another solution? @Aleksei

Problematic view is webView? Give output. Delete all package name and any sensitive info from output.

I’m not sure why when I ran driver.context I got the return NATIVE APP @Aleksei

I could use image recognition but I wanted to be able to do it without having to use this because I can’t get the information from a text and I think using image recognition would slow down the automation even more. But I can click and use driver.sendKeys without problems in an EditText

cause WEB view may be closed for debug in app and only DEV may help with making build with enabled for debug webView.

So… I think I’ll have to do it the hard way haha, I’ll use image recognition that solves the problem with the buttons, I didn’t want to do it that way because it would take more time but that’s what will be possible. Thanks @Aleksei

Hope screen not closed from making screwnshot. Also can be :slight_smile: